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At MPC HOSPITAL, We are committed to provide outstanding gynecological treatment since we are aware of the particular healthcare requirements that women have. Your comfort, well-being, and general health are given top priority by our compassionate team of highly qualified gynecologists in our gynecology department. Being the best hospital in Calicut we focus in giving the best treatment to our patients.

We provide a wide range of services designed to fulfil a woman’s needs at every stage of her life. Our gynecologists are here to provide you with individualized care and evidence-based medicine, whether you need routine preventative care, reproductive health services, or specialized treatments.

Our cutting-edge facilities are outfitted with the newest diagnostic technologies to ensure precise and effective assessments. We offer a cosy and pleasant setting, making sure that your confidentiality and privacy are protected throughout your visit. Our staff is aware that gynecological issues can be delicate, and we work to establish a comfortable environment where you can speak honestly about your health worries. Our team is the best hospital in Calicut we give high-quality treatment. Among the many services our gynecology department provides are the following:

1:Exams for the well-woman: Continual check-ups are necessary to preserve optimum health. To identify any potential problems early on, our gynaecologists conduct complete examinations, including breast exams, pelvic exams, and Pap smears.

2:Family planning and contraception: We offer complete family planning services, including guidance on your contraceptive alternatives to help you select the strategy that best suits your needs and aspirations for having children.

3:Our gynaecologists provide advice on how to improve your health prior to conception if you’re hoping to start a family. We talk about crucial issues like prenatal vitamins, lifestyle changes, and available genetic tests.

4:Obstetric and prenatal treatment: To offer complete care throughout your pregnancy, our gynaecology department collaborates closely with our obstetrics department. We are dedicated to helping you and your expanding family, from prenatal checkups and ultrasounds to postpartum care.

5:Management of menopause: As women approach menopause, our gynaecologists offer knowledgeable advice and individualised treatment options to address symptoms like hot flashes, mood swings, and osteoporosis. In this time of change, we want to enhance your quality of life.

6:Gynaecological surgery: Our qualified gynecological surgeons carry out a range of operations, including ovarian cyst removal, hysterectomies, and the management of gynecological malignancies. You may relax knowing that your surgical requirements are in competent hands.

Our gynecologists take the time to discuss your diagnosis, treatment options, and respond to any concerns you may have since we believe in patient education and empowerment. We support collaborative decision-making, which keeps you actively involved in the process of receiving medical care.

Our primary priority is you, and we make it our mission to deliver gynecological care that is kind and individualized. We are eager to assist you in achieving and sustaining lifetime optimal health at our gynaecology department. To book an appointment with the best hospital in Calicut contact usĀ 

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